Touch & breathe Civil War history.
dirt bunkersA plaque welcoming us to Ft. McAllister, on a peninsula of land known as Genesis Point.Henry Ford purchased Genesis Point in the 1930's & rebuilt the fort. The fort was donated to the state, which opened as Fort McAllister State Park in 1963.A 3.1 mile trail leads through a typical low-land marshy area.At the fort's entrance a Civil War era canon greets the visitors.Time here has an air of life at a slow Southern pace, life gentle & fine in the shade of the great trees.Some very rich plantations were in this area & it was the Confederate government who built a fort here to protect Savannah's "back door."A little Southern charm, a place to rest & rock.bellFort McAllister was built with earth walls, & withstood repeated bombardments.Sharp pointed wooden pickets sourround the fort & lean out at a dangerous angle.