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"Howdy" from Somewhere in America!

I’m Stephen Michaels. Christian, trucker, photographer.

I am also the driving force behind the BigRigTravels truckcams, blog, panoramas and videos websites.

I’m currently a cross-country, big-rig trucker carrying almost everything most of you go to the grocery store to get. I drive all night to get your ice cream to you, or I might meet a ship on the East coast to pick up apples to haul across the top of our beautiful country to deliver to Washington State so California stores can sell you fruit strips. Imagine that.

Photography has always been a major interest that has carried through the years from first hands on with my parents "Brownie" camera. Whatever I’ve done, my camera has been my sidekick.

My present traveling job allows me to see more breathtaking shots than I get to take. But take them I do wherever & whenever. Many shots I get straight through the windshield. Hauling through the many miles of orchards in California, up and down the Utah Mountains, through the heat of the Mohave Desert, or plowing through the ice and snow of Vermont or Nebraska...... Sometimes I pull over to drink in the beauty of the moon shining into the forest, and afterwards sleep in my home on wheels. The long, dusty miles of the golden West with the mountains riding just on my shoulder remind me of the lines to "America the Beautiful".

Who knows what great photo I’ll see tomorrow……hope I can capture a few nice ones to share with all of you.

About My Photography

As I make the turn on a two lane rural road, I come upon some abandoned buildings. I see them all the time, everywhere I go. But this time, I see a place where I can safely pull my 72-foot truck over and park. Right away, I start to get a sense of the town. The people who lived here and the buildings they left.

These old buildings were born as someone's dream of starting a new business. Then, most likely, they were passed down to the next generation. Some new paint, maybe some additions to it.

But what happened between the time it first proudly held a "Grand Opening" sign to now, when it's just an empty shell with missing bricks? In most cases, all traces of what it once was is gone.

But if you walk slowly, open your mind and ears, you hear a story or even find a telltale hint of history. Maybe you see a vision of a child smiling because her dad handed her a little pet - right where you are standing now. Only that now empty building knows.

Like every town has a history, every building has its own story.

I just take a walk, and suddenly I hear something. Something is whispering for me listen to "their" story. I put my camera up to my eye, focus, and say to myself "Go ahead. I'm listening."

At that point I press the shutter, and capture a photograph. No, wait. I captured a story.

- Stephen Michaels